Foreign Affairs Festival: Now – July 14

The Berliner Festspiele’s  international multidisciplinary theater festival is back. This year’s edition features appearances by the Forsythe Company and the Nature Theater of Oklahoma. Here is artistic director’s statement:

“The wonderful thing about theatre is that almost anything is possible. The stage is a place where all the arts can meet, and a festival offers the space in which the most contentious discourses of these times, both on aesthetic and political subjects, can be openly discussed. Theatre and dance are the heart of Foreign affairs, which will be enriched with music, visual arts and theory on our stages. We believe that the more, the merrier. This means we will be presenting several works by one artist or according to one theme. In years to come, we will continue to feature artists’ portraits, multi-part large-scale projects and special topics of focus. This year’s specially featured artist is William Forsythe, whose particularly eclectic work will not only be staged at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele but at other venues in Berlin. In collaboration with the Hau Hebbel am ufer, we have invited the new york ensemble nature Theater of Oklahoma to carry out a large-scale production over three weeks with ten performance dates. a focus on the theme of betting rounds off the festival. you will have the opportunity to see well-known artists such as anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Boris charmatz, who will meet at the opening of Foreign affairs. and besides these big names, there will be a unique chance to see works by theatre-makers who have rarely performed in Berlin – and who we are convinced belong to the formative artistic voices of our times. The spectrum of artists extends from strong political plays by angélica liddell and Faustin linyekula to the captivating theatre magic of Heine avdal and philippe Quesne. In these crisis-ridden times, production conditions are becoming increasingly difficult for artists all over the world. Our response is to put faith in friendship and time. We aim to develop long-term relationships with many artists – so you will see them again. and in  Berlin, we have important long-term partners such as the KW Institute for contemporary  art and the Hau Hebbel am ufer. The artists participating in this festival do not conceive of art in purely aesthetic terms but also in social and political terms. at present, not a day goes by without an international market placing bets on a country, or a German bank wagering on the next food  resource. We have taken the ubiquity of betting in our times as an occasion to reflect on  this with international artists and theoreticians, to try and understand what this development implies for us. The omnipresence of betting will be explored during a performance  weekend and an exhibition in the KW Institute for contemporary art and in the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. a festival is always an exceptional situation in which interactions take place that everyday life does not allow for. To this effect, we will do our best to ensure that the Haus der  Berliner Festspiele is made into a place – for art, concerts, discourse and food – where  almost everything is made possible, from the early evening to late in the night. We are looking forward to welcoming you!”

Matthias von Hartz
artistic Director Foreign affairs


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