Bayreuth Ring Production Stills

UPDATE: I’ve just added the captions that appeared in the Abendzeitung along with a few of my own observations.  

These production stills, posted earlier today on the website of the München Abendzeitung, give an even fuller picture of what Castorf has in store for us with his Ring. Why no other news sources have picked up Enrico Nawrath’s photos from the rehearsals is a mystery…In any event, these definitely deserve to circulate more widely!


Starting at the end with Götterdämmerung, a dark corner in divided Berlin (note the Berlin Wall to the far left). Things can’t be too dreary, since Brünnhilde and Waltraute can presumably get a nice Döner after their quarrel.   

Wotan’s Mercedes and a Nibelung trailer together at last on Wall Street (where else?) in Götterdämmerung

The Baku oil rig set of Walküre.  

A scene in Götterdämmerung set at the World Clock at  Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

Another one of the Walküre oil rigs in early 20th Century Baku.


One side of the rotating Golden Motel set of Rheingold. Note swimming pool, large video screen, and the red-black-gold beach umbrella. The mustachioed fellow with a pistol in the video is none other than Donner.


Rheingold again: Wolfgang Koch’s Wotan standing in front of his vintage black Mercedes and gripping a pole with the confederate flag just barely visible.


The Texaco station in Rheingold


Instead of the U.S. presidents, this Mt. Rushmore has Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao. This is the locale of Mime’s lair in Siegfried.

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  1. Wow! I am not sure I care for it, but the photos are fun. Does it really make Wagner’s music come alive, though? Is this what Papa Richard meant when he said,”Schafft Neues, Kinder”?

  2. EOS Orchestra set their 2004 NYC Ring in a trailer park. Wonder if Castorf heard about that.

  3. Laura says:

    That’s not the Texas flag.


    1. ajgoldmann says:

      Any idea what it is?

      1. Laura says:

        It’s looks a though it is a Confederate States of America battle flag (from the US Civil War period (1861-1865), also called the “Southern Cross.”

      2. ajgoldmann says:

        thanks for helping out! best – Adam

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