The Walküre Report with *PHOTOS*

The Bayreuth Festival curtain went up tonight on the premiere of Frank Castorf’s Walküre premiere.  In one of the first reviews already online, Peter Huth, critic for the Berlin daily B.Z., writes “Hats off to Castorf.” Apparently, the second installment of the Ring was better received that Rheingold, which reportedly was greeted with loud boos on Friday night. According to the review, the Ride of the Valkyries depicts Wotan and his family as oil-barons living the easy-life (eating cake and wearing feathered-boas) while their oil-soaked slaves drill to death and the Valkyries whisk them to Walhalla.  All in all, says, Huth, this Baku-set Walküre works far better that the “colorful Trash-world of Rheingold,” and invites comparison to the Chereau Ring. At the same time, he also reports that Castorf shies away from “provocation and controversy,” while the singing and musicianship are at a “world class level.” Below are some production stills.




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