BERLIN UNDIVIDED in March Issue of “Opera News”


My once-in-a-decade big schmear on Berlin’s vibrant classical and opera scene – with a candid interview with Daniel Barenboim – can be found in the March edition of Opera News. I feel extremely privileged to have lived in this city during what has arguably been its most musically dynamic and exciting decade.

Barenboim’s impressions of Berlin were not all positive when he made his first trip to Germany, as a twenty-year-old pianist in 1963. “Munich was already a thriving city, and elegant, and Berlin was kind of, how shall I say, an impertinent, agitated, not very beautiful city.

“But through the years I learned—and I don’t mean to be impolite towards Munich, because it really is a wonderful city, but Munich always gave me the feeling that you’re supposed to come and say, ‘Oh what a wonderful place it is, they have nice gardens, and the opera is wonderful.’ Berlin demanded that you do something. Berlin was a demanding city, and it still is. It still is, in every way. I was very much attracted to that.”


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