Il Barbiere di Siviglia

Katarina Thalbach’s delightful 2009 production is a delightful blend of traditional and modern elements. Set on a modern-day beachfront,what initially appears to be Figaro’s factotum, plopped down in the middle of the boardwalk, is revealed to be a second stage. As the drama deepens, the principle change into period dress and perform on the smaller stage. It isn’t so mucha high-concept production as pure fun. The overture is a highly choreographed affair with nuns scurrying to the propulsive melody, extras on bicycles greeting each other as they zipped down the boardwalk, a monk leading a donkey across stage, a tractor pulling the collapsible stage and Count Almaviva cruising along in a convertible. Figaro makes his entrance from the prompter’s box, which is disguised as an enormous seashell. And that was only the first five minutes! Splashy and occasionally zany, the production is ambitious without being overstuffed.


OCTOBER 2013: 11., 17.

DECEMBER 2013: 21., 26. (matinee and evening)

FEBRUARY 2014: 22.

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