Midsummer Night’s Dream


The Latvian director Viestur Kairish makes his German debut with his take on Benjamin Britten’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, here performed in a smooth translation as Ein Sommernachtstraum. It’s the sort of wacky, slightly chaotic Regie production that the KOB specializes in. Kairish retains the forest setting of the comedy and adds a melancholy subtext about saying goodbye to childhood and aging. What exactly he’s trying to say, though, is left somewhat fuzzy. The children’s chorus are dressed as old men and are seen relinquishing their youthful illusions in the form of burying their teddy-bears in a mass grave. When the lovers awake in the third act, the enchantments undone, their are transformed into geriatrics, although the magic of Theseus and Hippolyte’s wedding – which itself looks like a toddler’s birthday party – restores them to youth. The singers for the premiere run are mostly drawn from the company’s young and dynamic ensemble. The house’s principle Kapellmeisterin Kristiina Poska conducts.  Note: Puck awakes from his slumber with an unusually large protuberance that the amorous Titania charms like a snake, making this Midsummer not a totally safe bet for the kiddies.


OCTOBER  2013:
Fri 4Thurs 10Sat 26
JULY 2014: Tues 8.

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