Don Giovanni (Staatsoper im Schiller Theater)


When transporting Robert Carsen’s 2011-2012 season opener of Don Giovanni from La Scala to the Berlin Staatsoper im Schiller Theater (note that Daniel Barenboim is the chief conductor of both companies) proved logistically impossible, intendant Jürgen Flimm opted instead to import Claus Guth’s forest-bound staging of “Don Giovanni” from the Salzburg Festival, where it premiered during Flimm’s recent tenure there. This modern-dress staging is an immeasurable improvement over the Staatsoper’s previous production by former Intendant Peter Mussbach that was ultra-minimalist, slick and painfully boring.  Guth’s conceit is that the Don is slowly dying of a wound he receives in the first scene while fighting the Commendatore. Whether the descent to hell is supernatural retribution or the delirious imaginings of a dying man are left to the viewer’s interpretation. The elaborately tangled set revolves constantly and provides well-appointed locations – tree stumps, a bus stop, a parked car – for the action. One of the greatest triumphs of the Staatsoper’s residency at the Schiller Theater.


20. 25. 30. Januar 8. 10. 12. Februar 2019

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